Monday, 3 August 2015

We have a roof

Well, the house is slowly progressing We now have a completed roof. Here is a shot from the back of the house. I think the back of the house is prettier than the front, but that's OK, I quite like the fact that it looks like quite a humble abode from the front. The gable end with the two layers of French doors, is the lounge and our bedroom which will have a Juliette balcony.
I am hoping that they get the flooring in soon so that we can arrange a site visit and see what is happening inside.

Have a lovely day

Tonic Studios Bottle wrap die - How illuminating !

I have made a decorative light by using Tonic Studios Bottle wrap die along with a clever usb rechargeable cork light gadget I got from
I washed out an empty wine bottle and used this for my light. To avoid the brightness at the top of the bottle where the bulb is, I made a little decorative collar for the bottle so that the light is more evenly diffused.
This is what it looks like in the daylight...
...and here is how it glows at night. The intricate details of the diecut are gorgeous!
Can you imagine a whole row of these...they would look beautiful! Of course if you use a clear glass or different coloured glass bottle the glow will be different. I need to try find some blue glass bottles...I love blue glass.

Don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for more ideas with Tonic Dies.

I hope you like this idea. Have a lovely day.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Handmade notebooks using Tonic Studios Tag die.

These cute little notebooks were fun to make using Tonic Studios Tag die. They have a glued binding at the top, so the rings can be added or they can be used without. I added a velcro closure to one, so it doesn't pop open in a handbag. Having diecut pages means each one turns out perfectly and so they look very professional.

Inside I have stamped each individual page with a slightly darker shade than the paper to give a watermark effect. They would make lovely little gifts. Each notebook took 8 sheets of printer thickness A4 paper. I cut them 4 at a time and got 6 die cuts per sheet. I used Tonic papers for the covers and the little pencil which I wrapped. 

I love finding new things to do with my dies. I'm going to have a rummage through them now and see which other dies I can use to create a notebook.

Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Thankyou gift - Tonic Studios Chelsea gift bag die

I've been having a play with my new Tonic Tangerine die cutting machine, and I have to tell really does cut like a dream!

I've made this cute little gift bag using some of Tonic's new Romantic Cottage papers...aren't they pretty! Instead of having a sentiment on the outside of the gift bag, there is a little surprise  greeting when you open it.

I've put a little blank card in too so I can write a personalised message. Who wouldn't like to receive a  cute little gesture like this. Perfect for a few gourmet chocolates or handmade guest soaps.

Have a lovely day !

Monday, 20 July 2015

Tangerine dreams!

Here is the latest card to come out of my craftroom. A new home card. I love this tag many options and uses. But I am very excited about something else... I've just had a very orange delivery.
I have taken it out of it's box and attached it's handle, and I am just heading to the craftroom with my brand new Tonic Tangerine. I'm certainly impressed with how sturdy it feels so far... I'm sure it will continue to impress once I get cutting with it. I'll let you know!! :-) Oh...and the colour is amazing, so cheerful!

For more information on the fabulous brand new Tonic Studios A4 platform die cutting machine "The Tangerine", pop over to the  Tonic Gold website. 

Have a lovely day

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Thinking of you...

There are quite a few people I know currently going through some serious health trials. This "thinking of you" sentiment from Tonic Studios is getting used quite a lot. I love the letterpress look of this die and I always like to ink it first before running it through my die cutting machine. I always use a double layer of card to cut into...sometimes just a bit of scrap card behind...I find this makes the impression deeper and crisper on the top layer.

I have used the matinee purse rococo die to make a container for the floral arrangement as it made me think of porcelain flower bricks I have seen like the picture below - plus I am a bit of a blue and white china addict.

The papers are of course from Tonic Studios new Romantic Cottage paper collection. The flowers are from one of the Entwining Trellis sets.

Time to go clear up the mess I just made in my craftroom!!!

Have a lovely afternoon

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tonic Studios Chelsea Shoulder bag gift box die as a name place holder.

This lovely new gift box die has arrived in my craftroom and so I have just had a little play with it. What a fab die!  I can see these being used for so many different occasions. Here I have made it up to be used as a wedding name place card holder.

I found that one of the dies from the Memento frame Regency layering set has useful corners which slot perfectly over the handle of the gift bag without the need for any glue. This means the little bag can then hold after dinner mints or other sweeties and be taken home as a delightful keepsake.

The little rose is made with a glitter glue stick in a glue gun. I  bought these glitter glue sticks at Lidls years ago, and together with Tonic Studios Forever Floral Rose trio mould, I can make quick and easy embellishments for cards and papercrafts. Adorable!

Now to make another one...'cos they are such fun!

Have a lovely day