Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hello !

Wax battery operated candle decorated with dies from one of Tonic Studios latest range. - Rococo dies.
I realise I have been missing in action from my blog lately...sorry about that!
Life has been even more ridiculously busy than usual. This last few weeks in particular. One thing that has been happening here is that after several years of trying to sell out home, we were suddenly inundated with viewers. This of course meant lots of trying to keep the place looking immaculate...not easy when you are a crafter ! The result of all these viewers? Well, I don't want to count my chickens as yet, and so let's just say I am more hopeful than ever that we will sell our home. But I won't get excited until the fat lady sings...and boy...will I sing!

Home decor frame featuring Rococo heart die from Tonic Studios
So, in the meantime, we have things to sort surveyors, and such. Plus when you have a lively 8 year old on school holidays, that's enough to keep you busy.

Then my older daughter is moving away in further her photography studies. I can't even bring myself to think about that too much at the moment!

a little plaque featuring the Rococo umbrella die from Tonic
On top of that my son has now moved far I say, there has been much happening lately.

I will try and catch up with my craft posts...I know I've missed a few!

Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tonic's Latest Goodies.

Hi ! Are you having a lovely Midsummer? The sun is shining here today in the Highlands but I haven't had a minute to be out in it yet. I am off out to spray varnish something, and then I am going to get on with some card making.

These cute little mini gift bags were made with one of the latest dies out from Tonic Studios. This is for a little tent gift bag. It comes with a flap, but for these little bags I cut off the flap and added handles. The die set even comes with a little die for cutting precise holes where you need them. I think this is one of my favourites.

More of Tonic's latest products can be found on Create and Craft TV today (24th June) at 6 and 11pm.

OK..on with my tasks for the day!


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Top ho

Just stopping by with a quick card to let you know that there are some lovely new topper die cuts and die sets launching on Create and Craft today Thursdsay 12th of June at 6pm.

Laters !


Review of Thermomorph

I was asked to do this review by Rizzi at ThermomorphThermomorph is made out of polymorph granules which are like small white pellets. When you put them in hot water they become malleable in around 5 minutes and then set rock hard at room temperature in around 10 minutes

I had actually heard of this product before and had wondered whether or not I would find it useful for my crafting, so I was delighted to be able to try it out for myself and see. 

The jar instructions show that you don't need much in the way of equipment. Just a jug or bowl for the hot water and some tongs to lift the thermomorph out of the water.

After a couple of minutes, the thermomorph did exactly what the jar said...clumped together and went clear. At this point we removed it from the water.  Here was where I discovered that it is not advisable to use plastic tongs as the Thermomorph tried it's very best to bond with them !
I would recommend metal or silicone.

There was another bit of advice missing from the jar...and it never occured to me that it could have the potential to be a sticky product....if placed on the wrong type of surface....

Don't use Thermomorph anywhere near your favourite PVC covered cotton tablecloth ! Unfortunately the Thermomorph bonded rather spectacularly with it. The next half hour was spent trying to rescue my tablecloth ! I used a hair iron...wax paper...a scraper...but alas...the tablecloth will never be quite the same ! :-(

So...moving on...out came the silicon mat that we use for pastry making. This seemed to work just fine. Here are my little girls hands squidging the plastic. Her hands didn't stay still long enough for a decent picture - sorry!

We found that the Thermomorph does not stay soft and malleable for long enough to do any kind of satisfying sculpture. Perhaps in a warmer climate it might stay workable for longer.  We did however manage successfully to use the plastic in silicon moulds with success . This would be good for making embellishments for cardmaking etc.

 It is also quite good for making a mould and seemed to pick up all the detail from this fridge magnet. So I am thinking it will be quite good for making moulds to use when I do Polymer clay work. In fact, I am quite looking forward to trying it out with the clay.

One jar of this product is going to go a long way, so I am sure I will bring it out again sometime.

I was a bit upset about my tablecloth, but these things happen! I should have used more logic !

You can buy thermomorph at amazon here

For more info you can go to the Thermomorph website here

Have a lovely evening


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Shadow Puppet Theatre - Swinton Insurance

Swinton Insurance have been getting the word around about their TV ad starring  Attraction and sent me a shadow puppet pack of my own. 

Have you seen the advert ? It's very clever indeed!

We have had a ball playing with the puppet theatre, and my little girl aged 8 has come up with some great stories using the array of characters we've been sent. Here is one of her scenarios...

A fair princess went out for a walk in the forest...

when she was captured by a sneaky thief...

He took the Princess home and kept her in a cage

The cage was guarded by a fierce dragon.

Meanwhile...there was a handsome knight who had been on his way to the palace when a wicked witch turned him.....

...into a donkey.

But never fear..there was a good fairy who came along just at the right time and turned him back into a handsome knight again. The good fairy also told him about the beautiful Princess who needed rescued... the knight mounted his trusty steed and galloped away in search of the Princess.

After many long hours riding, the knight found the Princess. The knight gave the dragon a stern talking too, and the dragon was very sorry for what he had done and let the Princess go free.

The sneaky thief was caught and put in the cage, and a banquet was given in honour of the brave knight for rescuing the Princess. The  Knight and the Princess fell madly in love. Soon after they got married...and as with all good fairy tales, they lived happily ever after.

Then there was the tale about the enormous lion who was terrorising the town

And eating all the people...

...but that is another story altogether !!!

. I know we are going to enjoy many more puppet  stories using this set. some point, I may be tempted to add a few puppets of our own. 

Here is Attractions winning performance on Britains Got Talent....

I hope you enjoyed this little shadow puppet interlude.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Yours affectionately ! More Tonic Studios new goodies

Here are some more of my crafts made with some of the new Tonic Studios Affections 2 dies. Jared and Genna are the first names that came into my mind when I made this paddle fan. They are purely fictional. 
I used the dies to cut some flock vinyl and added it to linen to make a ring bearers pillow.

...and here I decorated a savings bank so that Jared and Genna could save up some spending money for their honeymoon.

must be time to start cooking the tea now...better dash!

Have a lovely evening


Friday, 30 May 2014

Heart album - 12 ways to help have a happy marriage.

If you were watching the Tonic Show on create and Craft TV at noon today, you may have caught a glimpse of the little album I made with some of the new Tonic Studios affection dies. There are a lot of pictures as I wanted to show you every page in the album. This is the front...
...and this funnily enough the back...and now ...all the pages...

I hope you enjoyed this little look at my album.

Have a love -ly day