Friday, 8 January 2016

New Year, New House

We are finally took a while longer and a lot more stress getting here than we had anticipated, but we have been here for 4 weeks now.
This is a view of the back of the house from the field behind. The house is lovely, the usual kind of little things needing attended to, the land is a whole other story. Our builder has left us with water logged sub soil and a variety of different levels that you cannot see from this picture. We are hoping that they will come and rectify at least some of the issues we have. However...I don't want to start of the year full of moans, so I am choosing to be thankful. Rather than going on about all the things still needing done, I will  now list ten things that I really love about our new home and that I am very grateful for....

1. It is bathed in sunlight...when it shines , (this is Scotland)

2. I love the Juliette balcony in our bedroom and the outlook it gives us from our bed.

3. I love the black door handles on our interior doors...(I'll try put up some pictures another post.)

4. I love having a kitchen peninsula unit and the space for preparing and serving food.

5. The showers work really well.

6. I love the dark wood flooring we have chosen for the ground floor. (well...wood effect actually)

7. We have a lovely large fridge freezer...our rental home for the last year had a tiny and poor under counter fridge that you could hardly fit a thing in. It is such a luxury to enjoy such storage now.

8. The air source heating is so easy to control and is doing a good job.

9. I can see sheep in the distance...I missed the countryside.

10. We are so conveniently situated for popping out to shops etc.

I am thankful!

So...there won't be much in the way of crafting happening at the moment. I am still waiting for shelving to be installed in my craftroom so I can unpack the large stack of boxes. I look forward to that very much.

Time for me to go put up some hooks. Now find the spirit level...I know it is somewhere in the garage....among the boxes!!! Fun, fun, fun!

Have a lovely day

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Getting closer

We are currently waiting on completion of the garage for our new home. We need this to be in place before they install the Air Source Heat system. We now have an alleged handover date for the 7th of December. This is the garage at the end of daylight today. Still needing harling on the outside. Removal van is booked, carpets are booked, washing machine is now booked. We'll see what happens. Watch this space...

Friday, 6 November 2015

That wraps it up

 Using just dies, glue and paper, it is so easy to turn a plain box into an elegant gift box. The pattern on this Tonic Studios Moroccan screen die  is gorgeous. You don't really need much else by way of embellishment.

That just about wraps it up for me with my craft room in this house. I need to get it all boxed up now and ready for the removal men, but I will continue to blog about the progress of our house build / move, so please do pop by my blog to see how we are getting on. See you there!

Have a lovely weekend.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Candlelight with a little help from Tonic

I love candlelight. And I love the look of decorated candles, but I also have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about fire safety. I'd hate to gift a decorated candle only for someone to leave it lit unattended in a moment of distraction, and have the paper catch fire. It doesn't bear thinking about ! That is why I absolutely love these battery operated real wax candles. You can decorate these in exactly the same way and light them in complete safety. They are not too expensive to buy either, so quite viable if you are making a number of gifts.

I bejewelled and layered the Rococo butterfly (from the die and stamp set)  and layered up the flowers cut from the Simply Screens Clematis Vine die so that my decorations are quite 3D. (All Tonic Studios card of course! )

It looks pretty from the back too if you feel like a change. Or if you want to use it as a centerpiece it will look pretty at all angles.

I hope this gives you some ideas of what you can make. 

Have a lovely day

Friday, 30 October 2015

I Miss you card

Just popping by the blog with a quick card today. It's very useful the way Tonic's patterned papers coordinate so perfectly with their solid colour card packs. It makes putting a card together so much easier.

I wonder if I will be saying "I Miss You" to my craft room once I pack it all up. Just a couple more makes to show you before I do that.  Actually, I am planning on leaving my watercolour paints out in case I get the creative urge, so that should hopefully tide me over until I get set up in the new house.
Don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for inspiration and ideas.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Thanks a Million

Thanks a million to Tonic Studios for all the wonderful dies, paints, pens, papers and all the other tools and goodies so that all us crafters can have such a fabulous time making cards and so much more. 

I love this paper from the Simply Patterns pack. It reminds me very much of the Kelim patterned sofa we had in our last house. 

I'm going to make one or two more cards in the next day or so, and then I have to begin sorting out and boxing up all my wonderful craft supplies. How will I cope without them!

This is what one corner of the craft room looks like so far ! We still have a few weeks to go here, but I have so much to organise and it is amazing how time flies. We have been in our rental home for just over a year now, and I would say that we have definitely expanded to fit the space we are in if you know what I mean!

It seems that my craft room is the only place where we can stack all our packed boxes without infringing on our other living spaces.

Well, I must get on...talking of time flying, I don't know where my morning went!

Have a lovely day.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Home Sweet Home

I have used Tonic Studios Copper gilding flakes to transform this little frame. My mum and dad won this in a weekly raffle at their lunch club and were about to stick it into the charity shop, so I took it off their hands. Here is what it looked like before....

As I had been looking for a wee frame to try the gilding flakes on, this was perfect as it wasn't too big. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. It has an almost antique patina to it. I changed the inside too as you can see...I'll give it back to them now, although they may still want to put it in the charity shop, at least I know that the gilding flakes work great on a frame now. 

And talking of "home sweet home". We were supposed to be moving into our new home right now, but they are behind schedule. We are now due to move in at the end of November/beginning December. We have already packed quite a few boxes, so at least that will give us time to get really organised. You should see the state of my craft room! Boxes everywhere!

Here is our new home...the scaffolding is finally down. Now the garage needs to be built. The foundations went in for it a couple of days ago. 

Time to go out to get new welly boots for my daughter! This is the second week of school holidays here, so we have been pretty busy. Back to routine next week. 

Bye for now